FIP 7000 Film Processor

The FIP 7000 is the most advanced high volume automatic film processor designed exclusively for the development of industrial X-ray film.

The Fujifilm industrial X-ray processing system makes unprecedented 5-minute processing from developing to drying possible and consistently produces high quality images. It can also be used for conventional 11-minute processing with the two additional dual speed combinations available by DIP switch selection.


(Specifications subject to change without notice)

Type Continuous opposed roller feeding type.
Processing Speed Selectable either 5 or 11 minutes from development to drying using film with a maximum width of 17 inches. Also includes two additional dual speed cycles available by DIP switch selection.
Tank Capacity Developer = 30 liters (8 gallons)
Fixer = 24 liters (61/2 gallons)
Rinse water = 22.5 liters (6 gallons)
Rinse Water Temperature 31°C (87.8°F)
Rinse Water Volume 10 liters (2 1/2) / minute or more (when processing film)
Developer Temperature Control A constant temperature is automatically maintained by a heat converter (1000W heater/cooling water) and thermistor. The temperature is displayed at the digital display.
Fixer Temperature Control A constant temperature is automatically maintained by a heat converter (1000W heater/cooling water) and thermistor.
Drying Air Temperature Control The ON/OFF status of the heater (2250W) is controlled by a thermister so that the heater runs continuously at the set temperature only while film is being processed.
Rinse Water Temperature Control The mixing valve mixes hot water and cold water to maintain a constant temperature.
Circulation Mechanism The developer and fixer are continuously stirred by the circulation pump to maintain a uniform mixture of the processing fluids, during circulation the developer passes through a filter.
Replenishment Mechanism Film detection by a photoelectric unit activates the replinisher pump for automatic replenishment. The replenishment capacity can be arbitrarily set using an adjustment knob.
Drying Mechanism A warm air drying method which employs a sirocco fan and slit pipes.
Safety Circuitry Developer and Fixer overheat prevention circuit. Circuit breaker formed by a safety thermostat (45°C / 113°F). Protection against overheating during drying. Circuit breaker formed by a safety thermostat (80°C/176°F) and three temperature fuses (150°C/302°F).
Power Supply 1-phase, 2-wire AC 200/208/220/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz 30A
External Dimensions Width = 800mm (31.5 inches)
Height = 1,200mm (47.2 inches)
Depth = 802mm (31.6 inches) [ 1,165mm (45.9 inches) including the film insertion table and drying cover]
Weight Main unit only = 314 kg (648 lb.) With processing chemicals = 390 kg (816 lb.)

Autofeeder IX

The silent workhorse when coupled to the FIP7000 or FNDX5HS processor; automatically feeds mixed sizes of film into the processor. Control features include interrupt cycle, double sheet alarm, and operation mode indicator. The Fuji Auto Feeder is completely "light tight" and is fitted with a special shutter assemble to allow access to the processor without light exposure to film within the Auto Feeder. A mounting stand is supplied with the unit.

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