Anti-Counterfeit Labels

FORGE GUARD® protects your brand and product from counterfeiting.

What does happen in the market?

Continuous increase of counterfeit product
[Chart] OECD: Magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy of tangible products (November2009 update)

OECD : Magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy of tangible products (November2009 update)

Impact to business
[Image] Impact to business

Counterfeiting and inferior copy products are widely sold in the market, and it causes not only sales opportunity loss of genuine products but also damaging brand and even serious accident to end customers.

FUJIFILM FORGE GUARD® can easily verify authenticity of genuine product

A hologram is one of popular technologies and widely used as security labels. Nowadays many manufacturers in emerging countries are also able to produce security labels even with advanced hologram technology.
So the hologram does not work as an anti-counterfeiting tool anymore.
FUJIFILM FORGE GUARD®, a unique technology, can realize the new security label which has the best anti-counterfeiting ability and easy verification performance.

[Image] FUJIFILM FORGE GUARD® can easily verify authenticity of genuine product

Full-color hidden image offers highly protected security label

FORGE GUARD® can have full-color texts and images as hidden information in label. This unique technology is realized by own synthesized chemicals, own developed process equipments and severe process control. The full-color image is virtually impossible to copy due to its wide range of colors, shades and complex resolution designs.

[Image] Full color hidden image offers highly protected security label

Superior heat, light and water resistance

The full-color hidden image of FORGE GUARD® is resistant to severe outdoor usage such as high temperature, high humidity and sun light. The full-color hidden image is stable at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 hours in a practical test and 500 lux for 20 years in a simulation test in Fujifilm laboratory.

[Image] Superior heat, light and water resistance

Experience FORGE GUARD® in action!

A clear full-color and detailed hidden image appears simply by placing the proprietary viewer directly over the security label.
FORGE GUARD® requires no additional technical or language skills, no capital investment, no additional technologies and no additional costs. Anyone can easily verify the authenticity of products at anywhere.

Here, you can experience how FORGE GUARD® works. Place the mouse over the viewer below, then you can move the viewer. Drag the viewer over the anti-counterfeiting label by using the mouse.

Verification can be done at anywhere by anyone

An authenticity verification by FORGE GUARD® is so easy that there is no limitation for an inspection by anyone at any place.

[Image] At Custom/Warehouse

At Customs/Warehouses

[Image] At Distributor

At Distributors

[Image] At Shop/By Customer

At Shops/By Customers

[Image] At Customer Service/Garage

At Customer Services/Garages

Customized full-color hidden image and reasonable order size

FORGE GUARD® does not require any expensive printing plate for its manufacturing. So an order can be done from 100,000 labels and more with customized full-color hidden image. An order less than 100,000 labels can be discussed as option.

Countermeasure as parallel import/export

As a remarkable option, you may have different color and/or design of full-color hidden images in FORGE GUARD® in order to confirm whether right product go to right destination.

[Image] Countermeasure as parallel import/export

Possible result by introducing FORGE GUARD®

A following result is expected by an introduction of FORGE GUARD® security label on the product and/or on the package.

  1. 1. To stop/reduce counterfeit products and grey import/export products
  2. 2. To protect brand
  3. 3. To stop/reduce sales loss opportunity
  4. 4. To realize better customer service

FORGE GUARD® can be verified at several occasions easily and quickly.

At customs and warehouses

FORGE GUARD® will work at customs and warehouses during inspection to find out counterfeit products or parallel imported/exported products easily and quickly.

[Image] At custom and warehouse

At distributors

FORGE GUARD® will work at distributors during inspection to find out counterfeit products or parallel imported/exported products easily and quickly.
Random inspection by an authority can be an option to find out an origin of counterfeit products which contaminate somewhere in distribution process.

[Image] At Distributor

At shops for shop assistants and for customers

Shop assistants can prove that they sell genuine products by showing FORGE GUARD® hidden image to the customers through viewer and it increases the reliability and the royalty of customers to the brand and shop. It is also possible for the customers to convince themselves that the product they purchased is genuine product as far as FORGE GUARD® is on the product.

[Image] At shop for sales people and for customer

At customer service centers/garages

The engineer at customer service/garage can distinguish genuine product from counterfeit product easily and quickly by using FORGE GUARD® on product at site. Unwanted repair equipment or replacement of consumables caused by counterfeit product can be prevented. It will also increase the sales of genuine products and keep the brand high.

[Image] At customer service center/garage

HINO Motors, Ltd.

A comment from Mr. Hiromichi SUEMOTO, Manager, Diesel Equipment Engineering Group,
Functional Component Design Dept., Engine Engineering Division

For several years we recognized the urgent necessity of measures against counterfeit products for automobile parts in the Chinese market and made a plan to attach the anti-counterfeit label directly onto the fuel filter. Unfortunately all the security labels we tested at that time came loose from a filter due to tough usage condition such as the high temperature at 120 to 200 degrees Celsius and getting fuel and water on the label. At certain moment we met FORGE GUARD® and it was designed to stand with high durability of those tough usage environments and had successfully fulfilled our evaluation criteria. Therefore we decided to introduce FORGE GUARD® onto the fuel filter. In this way we always work with Fujifilm and plan to take measures to the other automobile parts and extend further to the Asian markets besides China in the near future.

To protect HINO brand and reduce sales loss in China

In the Chinese market, there were a lot of counterfeit products of automobile parts. Customers purchased counterfeit products without knowing that they were fake ones, which affected the sales of genuine products. When counterfeit products are installed to an automobile, the engine troubles sometimes might occur. This problem also might damage HINO brand. So the measures against counterfeit products were highly needed.

High durability and difficulty to copy FORGE GUARD®

We planned to attach something directly onto a fuel filter by which customers can judge whether genuine or fake ones with their eyes when they purchased it and afterwards. So high heat resistance was required to the security labels we were looking for. In this regard, FORGE GUARD® does not loose the color image even under high temperature and keep the high anti-counterfeit performance, which makes us decide to introduce the FORGE GUARD® as the countermeasure.

[Photo] FORGE GUARD® label is directly onto filter body

FORGE GUARD® label is directly onto filter body

Sales increase of genuine product and quick action to customer

As a result of introduction of FORGE GUARD® to cope with counterfeit products, the sales of fuel filter in the Chinese market have greatly increased. Even when problems occur in the Chinese market and we need to deal with them, we can easily figure out if the products are genuine or fake, which leads to an enhanced HINO brand.

Expansion to the other Asian countries after success in China

We have realized the effectiveness of FORGE GUARD® as an anti-counterfeit measure from the introduction result in the Chinese market. So we plan to expand FORGE GUARD® installation to the other Asian countries besides China, to fuel filters and to the other automobile parts.

  • Company : HINO Motors, Ltd.
  • Products : Fuel Filter for Automobile


A comment of Mr. Kazuki NOMURA, Manager, Planning and Development

Several alert against counterfeit products were discussed in annual exhibitions of fishing and golf last years. Recently we have introduced FORGE GUARD® to all the new fishing rods because of its easy verification feature even for our customers by themselves. We hope that FORGE GUARD® will be widely accepted as the high security label among people. We also believe that FORGE GUARD® on our products gives our customers more reliability to our products and to OLYMPIC brand.

To reduce brand damage

Last years we found lots of counterfeit fishing rods in the market and the amount was increased. When customers purchase and use counterfeit products without knowing, firstly we loose the sales opportunities of our genuine product. When customers recognize and do not satisfy with the counterfeit products, it also damage OLYMPIC brand. When we expand our business to outside Japan, the countermeasure in advance is certainly needed for some countries.

A high anti-counterfeit feature and an outdoor durability of FORGE GUARD®

FORGE GUARD® is a high anti-counterfeit product based on Fujifilm's unique technologies. Also FORGE GUARD® has a high durability for outdoor usage that is very important requirement to fishing rods and golf shafts for their nature. For these reasons we have decided to introduce FORGE GUARD®.

[Photo] High anti-counterfeit feature and outdoor durability of FORGE GUARD®

Brand protection realized

We introduce FORGE GUARD® to all the fishing rods and golf shafts and promote this action in the products brochure and in the exhibitions. We believe that the anti-counterfeit activity by OLYMPIC will protect our brand and get more appreciation from our customers.

[Photo] Promotion of anti-counterfeit activity at exhibition

Promotion of anti-counterfeit activity at exhibition

Offering further reliability to the customers

We continue to protect OLYMPIC brand by using FORGE GUARD® and continue to give safe and secured OLYMPIC products to our customers.

  • Company : OLYMPIC Co., LTD.
  • Product : Fishing Rods and Golf Shafts

Power Support Corporation

A comment from Mr. Katsushi IGARASHI, Executive Vice President, Power Support Corporation

Although we were addressing the measures against counterfeit products for long years, there were no rigid measures so that several fake products were in the market last years. Our customers could not discriminate genuine products from fake products at shops especially in China due to a presence of lots of fake products on shelves in the shops. Seriously Power Support Corporation (hereinafter : PSC) were looking for strong countermeasure to counterfeit products. So PSC has decided to introduce FORGE GUARD® to all the products as a countermeasure for its high security level based on the unique technology of Fujifilm.

To protect brand and prevent sales declining in China, Asia, Europe and U.S.

PSC develops products based on Japanese manufacturing technology and sell products by promoting its high quality in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. For several years PSC succeeded to make a difference from fakes in the design of products and packages and they worked. Recently poor-quality fake product in well design-copied package came into market and the amount of this largely increased. This problem was really serious especially in the Chinese market so PSC was looking for an effective countermeasure against the counterfeit products.

Easy verification with FORGE GUARD® supported by Fujifilm's high technology

PSC required following strong features to new security measure.

  1. 1. Counterfeit manufacturers cannot produce a copy of security label at least 10 years.
  2. 2. Customers can easily distinguish genuine from fake security label by themselves.
  3. 3. PSC can establish a sales channel with new security label.

Followings are the reason of FORGE GUARD® introduction as security label.

  1. 1. Nobody can manufacture FORGE GUARD® except Fujifilm.
  2. 2. Easy verification through viewer by customers.
  3. 3. Customized viewer can establish exclusive distribution channel for PSC.
[Photo] Easy verification with FORGE GUARD® supported high Fujifilm technology

Effective to brand protection, sales increase and reduction of time for counterfeit issue

We believe that our customer will know how and where to purchase genuine PSC products easily and safely by introduction of FORGE GUARD® onto our product packages and we will announce our anti-counterfeit activity to our customers. PSC continues to protect brand and boost our sales. Also PSC will establish exclusive distribution channel to give safe and stable product supply to our customers.

Expansion to other countries after success in China

Other countries than China also reported serious counterfeit problem so PSC plans to introduce FORGE GUARD® to all over the world within 2012.


A comment from Mr. Takeharu Yoneyama, Wear Department General Manager

It was the best timing that I found the Fujifilm FORGE GUARD® since I was just thinking of replacement of the old security tag by the new one. Fujifilm made us various proposals and responded quickly to our requests in a short term, which made me happy.
Fujifilm works in research and development in many fields. So I often discuss my ideas with their sales representatives.

Introduction background : To offer genuine products to customers and protect brand image from counterfeit products.

While YONEX sells more than 10 millions of sportswear a year, I was worried about counterfeit products especially in the Asian market. As for sportswear, it is hard to tell whether the sportswear is genuine or not simply by looking at. And the distribution of counterfeit products would cause a lot of problems to customers. So I felt that the strong countermeasures must be introduced to stop those problems. Moreover I was concerned about not only lost opportunities for genuine products, but also brand damage. Although YONEX had used a security tag with special types of ink since 2006, the ink became unavailable and we could easily foresee that a counterfeiting ring would make a fake security tag almost identical to a real security tag. Therefore, YONEX needed the new security countermeasure.

Why FORGE GUARD®? : High authenticity, anticounterfeit feature, heat resistance and water resistance.


When I first saw FORGE GUARD®, I was surprised to see full-color image appear through a proprietary viewer when the viewer was placed directly over the FORGE GUARD® label, which was well received in my office and I soon started considering introduction of FORGE GUARD®. Since FORGE GUARD® is produced by Fujifilm proprietary technologies from the material development to the finished products, I confirmed that FORGE GUARD® would not be imitated by anyone else for the time being and thought Fujifilm was a reliable partner. Technical requirements to introduce FORGE GUARD® to sportswear are washing durability, pressure bonding during the manufacturing process, heat resistance against drying and sewing adaptability. FORGE GUARD® overcame those test items conducted by YONEX, Fujifilm and an independent third party, so I became confident about the quality of FORGE GUARD® and made a decision to introduce FORGE GUARD® to sportswear.

Results: Improved customer's satisfaction and elimination of counterfeit products from shops and increased sales.

In overseas markets, there were many shops which sold counterfeit products. However, the number of counterfeit products has dramatically decreased because it is a sign of genuine products for FORGE GUARD® to be attached to them. It seems that the counterfeit-product manufacturers have given up, so I think FORGE GUARD® has a strong deterrent effect on counterfeit products. FORGE GUARD® has contributed to the decrease in the number of counterfeit products, so sales of genuine products of sportswear have increased in the Asian market.

Future development: Expansion to other products besides sportswear.

YONEX is going to work with Fujifilm to further improve a security tag and to meet customers' demands. I also would like to expand to other products besides sportswear such as socks, wristbands and so on to attach FORGE GUARD® to and hope to eradicate counterfeit products.

Krongthip Innovation

Introduction background : To protect against counterfeit and parallel imported products

The Krongthip Innovation is the official distributor of some European branded shoes in Japan. When our products became popular in the market, we also recognize the parallel imported products and counterfeit products especially through the Internet stores increased. Moreover, counterfeit products came to be discovered and inquiries from the customer about genuine or counterfeit judgment of the products increased. When we were looking for countermeasure against those products, we met FORGE GUARD®.

Why FORGE GUARD®? It's very difficult to make fake label but check easily authenticity

If the label we introduced is counterfeited immediately, it is no sense. FORGE GUARD® has high anti-counterfeiting feature and it is only manufactured in Fujifilm. Furthermore, an easy checking authenticity of the label, it is the reason of FORGE GUARD® introduction.

Results: Added value to genuine products

We have tried to decrease counterfeit products and discriminate the officially imported product from the parallel imported product. Generally, price of parallel imported product is lower than that of officially imported product, but there are weak points such as not being able to receive the guarantee of product original function or effect. Customer can make sure the guarantee of product function and original effect, after they officially buy imported product. Therefore, we consider that we can differentiate officially imported products from parallel imported products and add value to officially imported products by sticking FORGE GUARD®.

Future development : Expansion other products and implement brand value improvement

We handle original miscellaneous goods other than being the sole distributor of foreign brand shoes. We will consider sticking the label on other handling product as well as the shoes. In addition, we continue to try for extermination of the counterfeit products and for improvement of our brand image and to announce measures of FORGE GUARD®.

[Photo] Attaching FORGE GUARD® to warranty card

Attaching FORGE GUARD® to warranty card

[Photo] Attaching added value “perfomance guarantee”

Attaching added value “perfomance guarantee”

A comment from Mr. Kazumi Fujikura, General Manager

Many counterfeit products and many parallel imported products were sold in Japanese market and the inquiries from customer increased day by day. In this situation, we timely introduced FUJIFILM FORGE GUARD®and adopted it to improve customer service and our brand value. The major content of the inquiries was about the authenticity of the Internet shops, a genuine product or a counterfeit product. In other words, was the purchased shoes genuine and functional guaranteed product? Most lineups of our shoes have its own function and they are different from other shoes. Therefore, it is natural for our customers to be anxious about the function of the product they bought. While we received request about genuine or counterfeit judgment by customer, we searched for the way about efficient judgment or prevention of counterfeit. Then we met FORGE GUARD®. To introduce FORGE GUARD® that was adopted by many manufactures and whose reliability of Made in Japan, we believe that we were able to provide customers for more satisfaction. We will use it for all products of the main handling brands in future.

Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association (JSMEA)

Background of Introduction : Global regulation on asbestos was started

The usage of asbestos has been completely prohibited in Japan by the Industrial Safety and Health Act that was enacted in 2006. Using asbestos for marine products is also strictly prohibited with no exception in the Act. In the world, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued circular (notification) which defines the inspection methods to confirm not to contain asbestos in the materials. In order to strictly comply with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) which prohibits using materials with containing asbestos. Because of these back ground; it was urgently necessary to introduce an inspection system to verify that these marine products are free from the usage of asbestos.

Why FORGE GUARD®? : High durability and anti-counterfeiting

As a way to prove the free from usage of asbestos, we decided to stick the proof label on various marine products. Some marine products on which the label is stuck that are stick the label are used in near source of heat such as an engine with high temperature and are required durability in harsh environment. By combination of KURAMOTO SANGYO CO.'s high durability label with FORGE GUARD®'s high anti counterfeiting, we could get high performance security label. This high performance was the major point of introduction. In the future, there is no guarantee of making the fake label for unintended purpose by the possible counterfeiter. While this anxiety, FORGE GUARD® which has the highest level of anti-counterfeiting is able to be used for a long time without worrying about counterfeit. It was also the point of introduction.

Result : To differentiate domestic products from overseas products

In some other countries, the regulation of usage of asbestos is different from that in Japan. In some countries it is allowed to use certain asbestos and/or to apply the thresholds different from Japan's regulation. Therefore, when the products that were manufactured in these countries are imported to Japan or used in Japan, the users will be applied to severe penalties based on Japanese law. By introducing the label, we try to differentiate between domestic products from some other countries where the regulation of usage of asbestos is different from that in Japan products as well as to ensure compliance.

[Photo] Attaching FORGE GUARD® to marine products

Attaching FORGE GUARD® to marine products

Future development : The further spread to the member company,
enlargement of sale in the global market of the domestic product

Currently, some members of Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association (JSMEA) have applied for introduction of the label, and but it is on the way to whole introduction. We would like to appeal to the public through many occasions in order to be used further non-asbestos products which is stuck on FORGE GUARD® in the global market.

A comment from Mr.Motoki Kobashi, General Manager, Business Affairs Department

In Japan, related regulations in the Industrial Safety and Health Law indicate definition of asbestos, on the other hand international SOLAS Convention doesn't define the specification of asbestos. Thus, the definition remains under each country's discretion. In other words, even if the certain products are authorized, as non-asbestos', by the countries which have different regulations from Japan, they may violate our domestic rule, namely the Industrial Safety and Health Act. JSMEA believes that we would be able to differentiate domestic products from other country's products by not only showing our basic concept ensuring to meet the IMO rules but also showing compliance with stricter standards of Japan. In order to realize these mentioned above, JSMEA established the system about sticking the label for non-asbestos products. We believe that the label we introduced should contribute to enhance anti-counterfeiting on top of durability. This is the reason of introduction of FORGE GUARD®.

Seal label

Any other options and custom order needs to be discussed separately.
Standard size

Square: 7mm × 7mm, 10mm × 10mm, 14mm × 14mm, 18mm × 18mm, 22mm × 22mm, 26mm × 26mm, 33mm × 33mm
Round : Diameter 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm, 33mm

Delivery shape

Labels on Sheet

[Image] Labels on Sheet

Labels on Substrate-Roll

[Image] Labels on Substrate-Roll
Minimum order amount 100,000 labels
Hidden image Continuously repeating

- Surface Printing (1 to 4 colors)
- Auto Peeling Equipment Adaptability
- Auto Labeler Adaptability
- Brittleness Cuts
- Positioning of Hidden Image
- Other Sizes
- Other Label Amount

[Image] Surface Printing and Brittleness Cuts Example

Surface Printing and Brittleness Cuts Example

Bulk Roll

Any other options and custom order needs to be discussed separately.
Standard size

140mm width × 100m length, 140mm width × 300m length

[Photo] Standard size
Delivery shape


Minimum order amount As even amount rolls
Hidden image Continuously repeating

Tag Label

Any other options and custom order needs to be discussed separately.
Standard size
[Image] 3mm × 12mm (Tag size: 22mm × 12mm)

3mm × 12mm
(Tag size : 22mm × 12mm)

[Image] 22mm × 12mm (Tag size: 22mm × 12mm)

22mm × 12mm
(Tag size : 22mm × 12mm)

Delivery shape

50 tag labels per Sheet
Sheet size; 147mm × 145.5mm

Minimum order amount

100,000 labels
*No option less than 100,000 labels

Hidden image Continuously repeating
Options Surface printing in 1 to 4 colors

Parts label

Any other options and custom order needs to be discussed separately.
Standard size

Paper label size: 45mm × 70mm
FORGE GUARD® Size: 45mm × 3mm

[Image] Standard size
Delivery shape

As Roll

Minimum order amount 100,000 labels
Hidden image Continuous repeating

- Pre-Printing on Paper Label
- Other Paper Label Sizes
- Other Label Materials
- Void on Paper Label
- Other FORGE GUARD® Size


Any other options and custom order needs to be discussed separately.
Standard size
[Image] Card Type Viewer : 55mm × 90mm (Surface is present as default)

Card Type Viewer : 55mm × 90mm
(Surface print is present as default)

[Image] Small Handy Viewer : 15mm × 45mm

Small Handy Viewer : 15mm × 45mm

Delivery shape 10 viewers in a box Viewers on support roll
Minimum order amount 10 boxes

10,000 viewers
*Less than 10,000 viewers can be done as option

Hidden image Continuously repeating

- Card Type Viewer without surface printing : Minimum order amount is 1,000.
- Card Type Viewer with customized surface printing : Minimum order amount is 1,000.

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